Reviewing Policy

All articles for Journal of Biomedical and Medical Sciences are subjected to mandatory peer-
review procedure. Manuscripts with content that is technically weak or inappropriate for
the scope of the journal, failing to meet acceptable standards of English usage, or with
incomplete bibliographies will genertally rejected by Editor-in-Chief without regular review
process, directing motivated refusal.

Generally, each manuscript is initially sent to two referees. Referees must send their review
reports until the deadline to Editor-in-Chief, who is responsible for sending the paper
evaluation results to the corresponding author of the paper. Authors should follow the
advice of the referees and Editor-in-Chief when they feel this advice will improve the paper.
When they do not agree with the advice, they should write a detailed arguments describing
their reasons for disagreeing to Editor-in-Chief.

The revised manuscripts will normally be sent back to the referees for additional review.

The Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief act as conduits for discussion between the
corresponding author and referees once a decision has been made on a paper. In cases of
conflicts or arguments for reconsidiration, Editor-in-Chief will invite the additional referee to
review the entire article and comments.