About the Journal

The international scientific refereed and peer-reviewed Journal of Biomedical and Medical Sciences was founded in 2021. The Journal is a publication of the European University. Articles are published by scientists in the area of fundamental and practical medicine, dentistry, health care, biotechnology and other related areas.
The journal public distribution on the website of www.bmms.ge as well as the journal's printed version is given to the libraries. All tangible or intangible rights are reserved for the materials published in the Journal of Biomedical and Medical Science.

The magazine is intended for scientists, graduate students, teachers and students of universities, specialists working in the field of medicine, biology, veterinary medicine, biomedicine, etc. The journal publishes articles by authors from various organizations (medical and biological universities, institutes, research centers, hospitals, clinics, centers for advanced training of specialists, etc.), the geography of organizations includes Georgia, European and American countries.

SSN 2667-9507 (Print) 
ISSN 2667-9523 (Online)
DOI: 10.51231