Modern aspects of chronic rhinosinusitis treatment


  • Mariam(Maka) Lomaia TSMU G.Zhvania Pediatric Academic Clinic Author
  • Shorena Tsiklauri European University Author
  • Tamar Khechinashvili LTD “Aversi Clinic” Author
  • Marina Tsabadze National Center of Otorinolaringology, Clinic of Japaridze Kevanishvili Author
  • Nato Nakudashvili European University Author



rhinosinusitis, gripferon, aerosol therapy, neutrophils, eosinophils


In this work, we discuss the development of a new method of immunogenesis and treatment of infectious and infectious-allergic chronic sinusitis and its effectivness, based on new targeted methods of immunocorrection, taking into account the severity of the inflfl ammatory process, current complaints and duration. 52 patients were under observation. The results of treatment with an aerosol of recombinant interferon αа-2Ь (in the form of Gripferon drops) in different types of chronic rhinosinusitis were studied. It has been shown that aerosol therapy with Gripferon gives promising results – subjective condition of patients and rhinoscopic and endoscopic data, as well as improvement of nasal olfactory function and regulation of mucociliary clearance, which indicates the effectiveness of this method of treatment.


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