Participation of Vitamin Din Menopause Management Strategies


  • Manoni Panchulidze School of Health Sciences, University of Georgia Author
  • Rusudan Kvantchakhadze School of Health Sciences, University of Georgia Author



menopause, vitamin D medicine, Kvemo Kartli, Georgia


The health of the population is one of the key factors in economic development and, at the same time, an objective indicator of the quality of life. Public health policy in the world follows the path of large-scale financing of healthy lifestyle projects. The health of women was very relevant, because in a viewpoint of material and technical progress, an equal role has been assigned to men and women. Menopause and the climacteric state of women is a special issue in the health care of any prosperous European country. It is very important to approach the issue on a large scale, but this requires regional studies. Our interest fell on women with menopause living in Kvemo Kartli. In order to review and further transform the data for the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia, we analyzed the literature on the advisability of using vitamin D as a factor that improves the quality of life of women in the menopausal period. We searched for peer-reviewed new and recent publications in order to write this review. A wide range of biological properties of vitamin D, which is involved in the regulation of many important physiological functions, is described here. The negative impact of vitamin D deficiency not only on the development of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, but also on the increase in the severity of climacteric syndrome is represented. The multiple beneficial effects of vitamin D have led to a detailed planning of the studies that the research team will carry out the next 12 months.


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