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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): Journal of Biomedical and Medical Science
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Published: 31.12.2023


  • Comparative characteristics of healthy pregnant women and non-healthy pregnant women

    Marina Toklikishvili, Nana Momtselidze , Karaman Pagava , Maia Mantskava (Author)
  • Radiation measurements in dentistry

    Ana Pitskhelauri , Irine Gotsiridze , Ramaz Esvanjia (Author)
  • Protective role of sars-cov-2vaccine against severe disease and mortality in hospitalized patients with COVID-19

    Giorgi Khachiashvili , Otar Koniashvili , Naga Harika Korrapati, Gigi Gorgadze , Luiza Gabunia , Ketevan Ghambashidze , Levan Ratiani , Mariam Pkhxaladze (Author)
  • Acute type a aortic dissection in a hemodialysis patient in the early period afterCOVID-19 infection

    Nino Digmelashvili , Maia Mantskava (Author)
  • Correlation between blood pressure response to sub maximal exercise and left ventricular hypertrophy

    Tamar Gaprindashvili , Rusudan Agladze , Sergo Khajalia, Inga Bochorishvili , Zurab Pagava (Author)
  • EEG study to HPT in patients with NS pathology using EEG database “EEGHUB.GE”

    Irma Khachidze, Manana Gugushvili, Ketevan Aptsiauri (Author)
  • Inflammatory markers of bloodserum as an early predictor of chronic diseases in the rural population of Sachkhere district in Georgia

    Gubaz Sharashenidze, Sophio Turabelidze-Robaqidze, katerine Tikaradze , Maia Mantskava, Giorgi Ormotsadze, M Tsimakuridze, Tamar Sanikidze, Nana Momtselidze (Author)
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