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We refer, peer-review and publish science articles about original  study and clinical trial, theoretical reviews, preview and report of  researcher project, preliminary data and the describing of new and the newest hypothesis, essay in next directions


·        All about COVID-19

·        Epidemiology methods. Infection Diseases and Non-infection Diseases. Vaccinations

·         Prevention of Epidemic. Prevention of Pandemic.

·         Multidisciplinary Approaches of Modern Science

·         Polyprofilе Medicine

·         Biomedicine, Biorheology and Biotechnology

·         Biochemistry and Biophysics in Fundamental and Applied Medicine. Micro- and Nanobiomechanics

·        Innovative Methods. Bioinformatics. Biological Models. Mathematical Models, etc.

·        Economic and Strategic Aspects of Biomedicine

·        Blockchain and programming languages ​​in Medicine. Digital Medicine. Chatbots

·        The Role of Biomaterials in Biomedicine

·        Theoretical, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology

·         Radiology and Radiation Safety

·         Nutritionology. Food, Biologically Active Substances, Medicines and Health. Enzyme Research

·         Balneology, Wellness and SPA. Physical Education

·         Beauty Industry

·         Medical Physics. Medical chemistry

·         Evidence Medicine. Medical and Biological Statistics

·         Health Care and Policy

·        Clustering in Biomedicine.  Management systems in Biomedicine Areal.  Strategic Communication in Biomedicine. 

·        Ethics.  Informed consent. Doctor-Patient relationship. Strategy and using instruments for Conflict avoidance

·        Grant application. Grant Management. Funding science. Donors. Sponsors

·         The brain and its functioning

- Sleep-wakefulness Cycle

- Pain and analgesia

- Behavioral and cognitive functions

- Stress

- Experimental and clinical neurology

- Neurophysiology - Ultra - and Nanoarchitectonics - Alzheimer's Disease  - Parkinson's Disease

·         Mental health. Defectology. ADD and ADHD

·        Cell Membranes, Structures and Function. Mechanisms of Aggregation and Deformation. Genome

·         Blood, Blood Flow. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology of Blood Circulation

·         Mechanisms of Thrombus and Stasis Formation

·        Theoretical Hemodynamics and Hemorheology

·         Clinical Hemorheology 

·        Rheology of Petroleum Products, Oils, Food and Construction Materials

·        Neonatology. Pediatrics.

·         Gerontology and Geriatrics

·         Kinesiology and Biomechanics
-Sports Medicine
-Occupation Disease

·         Pharmacy and Pharmacology

·         Alternative medicine
-Chinese medicine
-Chinas Medicine

·         Surgery
 -Planned Operations
 -Urgent Operations
 -Postoperative Shock
 -Plastic Surgery
 -Reconstructive Surgery

·         Reproductive Sciences and Sexual Medicine
New Approaches and Challenges for the Medical Education System
Authorization, Certification, Licensing Issues in Health Care Institutions, University