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These guidelines are in accordance with the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals." (The complete document appears in the February 9, 1991, issue of the British Medical Journal and the February 7, 1991, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.)


Manuscripts containing original material are accepted for consideration with the understanding that neither the article nor any part of its essential substance, tables, or figures has been or will be published or submitted for publication elsewhere before appearing in the Journal. This restriction does not apply to abstracts or press reports published in connection with scientific meetings. Submit an original  of the complete manuscript, including text pages, legends, tables, references, and glossy prints of figures.  Address all submissions to the Editor, Journal Science Medical and Biomedical.

A covering letter

A covering letter signed by all authors should identify the person (with the address and telephone number) responsible for negotiations concerning the manuscript; the letter should make it clear that the final manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors and that they have taken due care to ensure the integrity of the work.

Conflict of Interest

The Journal asks authors of research articles to disclose at the time of submission any financial arrangement they may have with a company whose product figures prominently in the submitted manuscript or with a company making a competing product. Such information will be held in confidence while the paper is under review and will not influence the editorial decision, but if the article is accepted for publication, the editors will usually discuss with the authors the manner in which such information is to be communicated to the reader.

 Because the essence of reviews and editorials is selection and interpretation of the literature, the Journal expects that authors of such articles will not have any financial interest in a company (or its competitor) that makes a product discussed in the article. Potential authors who have questions about these issues should contact the Editor.

Units of Measurement

Authors of articles must express all measurements in Système International (SI) units or in older conventional.

Titles and Authors' Names

With the manuscript, provide a page giving the title of the paper; titles should be concise and descriptive (not declarative). Also include a running head of fewer than 40 letter spaces; the name(s) of the author(s), including the first name(s) and academic degree(s); the name of the department and institution in which the work was done; the institutional affiliation of each author; and the name and address of the author to whom reprint requests should be addressed. Any grant support that requires acknowledgment should be mentioned on this page.


Provide on a separate page an abstract of  180 - 550 words. This abstract should consist of four paragraphs, labeled Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions or in free form. Abstract should briefly describes, the problem being addressed in the study, how the study was performed, the salient results, and what the authors conclude from the results.

Key Words

In the bottom of the abstract page  should be added 3-12 key words, which will assist  in indexing the article and which may be published with the Abstract. Use terms from the Medical Subject Headings from Index Medicus when possible. If this is impossible, you can use terms in free forms.


References must be typed with double spacing and must be numbered consecutively as they are cited. References first cited in tables or figure legends must be numbered so that they will be in sequence with references cited in the text. The style of references is that of Index Medicus. List all authors when there are six or fewer; when there are seven or more, list the first three, then "et al." The following is a sample reference. For example

[1] Lahita R, Kluger J, Drayer DE, Koffler D, Reidenberg MM. Antibodies to nuclear antigens in patients treated with procainamide or acetylprocainamide. N Engl J Med 2009 ;301:1382–5.

We highly recommend linking to articles from PUBMED, Scopus, ect. (We recommendation add DOI). This will ensure that your manuscript is reviewed by independent reviewers in the first place, which will save time from receiving the manuscript by the editors to its publication. For example:


Type tables with double spacing on separate sheets, and provide a title for each. Excessive tabular data are discouraged. If an article is accepted, the Journal will arrange to deposit extensive tables of important data with the National Auxiliary Publications Service (NAPS); we will pay for the deposit and add an appropriate footnote to the text. This service makes available microfiche or photocopies of tables at moderate charges to those who request them.


Figures should be professionally designed. Glossy black-and-white photographs are requested. Photocopied or computer-generated figures are not acceptable. Symbols, lettering, and numbering should be clear and large enough to remain legible after the figure has been reduced to fit the width of a single column. If photographs of patients are used, either the subjects should not be identifiable or their pictures must be accompanied by written permission to use the figure. Permission forms are available from the Editor.Legends for illustrations should be typewritten (double-spaced) on a separate sheet and should not appear on the illustrations. Color illustrations are encouraged.


Except for units of measurement, abbreviations are discouraged. Consult the CBE Style Manual (Fifth edition. Bethesda, Md.: Council of Biology Editors, 1983) for lists of standard abbreviations. The first time an abbreviation appears it should be preceded by the words for which it stands.

Drug Names

Generic names should generally be used. Authors who wish to do so may insert brand names in parentheses.

Review and Action

Manuscripts are examined by the editorial staff and are usually sent to outside reviewers. We encourage authors to suggest the names of possible reviewers, but we reserve the right of final selection.